Saturday, 29 June 2013

Reflections on 42 Years - The parallels kept on appearing

Reflections on 42 years - The parallels kept on appearing
Having just retired after 42 years working for local government in the Cumbria area I have been reflecting on my career.   In doing so I identified some unexpected parallels between what I am about to embark on and what I have just left behind.

Starting in 1970 on £618 per year I worked for the Engineers Department of Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council.  A local Council very much immersed in its local community which even then was still servicing the world with the ships built by 14,000 in the yard.

Overground or underground, roads or sewers, at the time no contest but what if …..

A590 at Greenodd
Moving to the County Council in the late 70’s community involvement even more to the fore.    Balancing the needs of local businesses and farmers against the pressures of tourists in the Lake District, saving lives by investigating road traffic accidents and improving roads, building by-passes for disturbed communities.

The parallels kept on appearing …..

In the late 80’s a change of career with 10 years spent supporting young people at the start of their careers, helping managers and their teams in times of radical change and supporting communities as they asked for change.  And also becoming a competent manager myself with experience in both the public and private sectors.

Bridging the River Eden in Carlisle
The parallels kept on appearing …..

The final part of my career, back in Highways, but with a more Project Management remit.   Large scale contracts to develop and manage, pubic inquiries to support, politicians to work with but all with a people focus, whether my staff or the local communities they serve.

The parallels kept on appearing …..

Bringing "Water from Eden" in Dinfara, Mali
So now as I take on the role of District Governor for District 1190 here in Cumbria & Lancashire and we  “Engage Rotary to Change Lives”.  We will be connecting with our local and international communities, providing leadership when requested, exchanging ideas and of course taking action.

I wish everyone reading this a great Rotary year ahead as we continue to put “Service above Self”